Sacramento Attorney Edward Misleh is a lawyer who practices family law in Sacramento, California.  We offer all potential clients a free consultation.

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 Sacramento Attorney Edward Misleh

Family Law

Includes estate planning, divorce, military divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, dividing community property, guardianship, and domestic violence.


Our office will address all aspects of your divorce.  This includes filing for divorce, legal separation or annulment.  Establishing or modifying child custody.  Filing for child support and modification of child support.  Obtaining temporary and permanent spousal support, and any modification.  Identifying  community and separate property and dividing any retirement and pension plan including CalPERS and CalSTRS.

Military Divorce

We have assisted many service members and non-military spouses with Veteran’s benefits, Thrift Savings Plans, FERS accounts, and Tricare medical benefits.

Child Custody

Establishing and modifying child custody can include actions for sole custody, joint custody, physical custody, legal custody, visitation and move-away orders.


For grandparents who would like to establish visitation with a grandchild.  A guardianship can be established for a parent or spouse who may be incapacitated.  It is also a mechanism to control and help administer another party’s estate.

Child Support

Child support is often addressed and awarded in a divorce action.  Child support  can also be ordered in a parenting action filed by a parent who is not married to the other parent.  Child support can not only be established but modified and terminated.

Spousal Support

Divorcing couples often must address spousal support which is also known as alimony.  Spousal support can be awarded to the supported spouse as either temporary or permanent spousal support.  There will be times that spousal support can be modified and terminated.

Community Property

Property acquired during the marriage by spouses is presumed to be community property.   However, there are many other issues that may need to be addressed when the parties divide community property.  This includes severing a joint title, identifying separate property contributions, reimbursements to the community, property acquired as a business assets, and marriage debts.

Estate Planning

Our office can draft you a will and/or a trust instrument which will eliminate the need for probate.  We also handle matters that may be filed in probate court for intestacy actions.

Domestic Violence

Those who suffer from abuse can file for either a Domestic Violence Restraining Orders or a Civil Harassment Restraining Order.  The protective you will seek depends on whether or not you have a close relationship with the abuser.  Criminal protective orders are generally ordered by a court pending a criminal complaint.

Personal Injury

We will handle your claim for bodily harm at no charge.  We do not get paid until your case is settled.  Call our office to make an appointment should you be involved in an auto accident, vehicle mishap, slip and fall injury, accidental injury, or be hurt due to a property owner’s negligence.